13 Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design Ideas

Jul 05, 2022

13 Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design Ideas

Are you planning to open your salon and searching for ways to make the most out of your budget? Well, you have come to the right place. Most people think creating a low budget beauty salon interior design is not possible. But we are here to tell you differently. You can decorate a small space to turn it into the picture-perfect beauty salon you always wanted to own.

A beautifully designed salon can go viral online and offline in an instant. And it is the way to get new clients to your salon. If your salon looks good, then there are higher chances of people noticing you and trying your services. There are a number of styles in which you can decorate your salon. You can opt for a rustic or industrial style interior, or you can go for a modern or contemporary style. Whatever style you choose, we have an idea for you. 

But let us first tell you why the interior of a place makes a huge difference and what you can add to the mix. 

Reasons To Decorate Your Salon Interior


Some of the top reasons why you should redecorate or design your salon interiors are:

Increase Awareness

The interiors of a salon play a huge role in how people view the salon. If your salon does not look appealing to the customers from inside or outside, they will not enter the space. The interior design of your salon will also become your trademark among all your customers. Furthermore, if you match the interiors of your salon with your logo, it will stand out more and catch people's attention. 


Many individuals choose a salon that gives them a cozy and comfortable vibe. Because a salon is one of the places where they can pamper themselves without worrying about the problems outside, if your salon looks appealing, people will think you offer similar high-quality service. 

Makes Working Smooth 

When you design your salon, you are ensuring that all your functions carry out smoothly. Because who likes a place that is messy and causes interruption while you are working, right? In addition to the appearance of your salon, you should also focus on the plumbing and electrical aspects of the salon. 


If your plumbing is broken or damaged, you will face problems later. It can hamper your space's water supply and cause work trouble. For example, the water may stop in the middle of a hair wash which can cause huge problems for you.

Boosts Profits   

One of the main reasons behind designing the interior of a salon is that it can help you gain more customers. And more customers means more profit. 

As per the general thinking, people often feel that if the place looks good, they offer quality services as well. A good space offers comfort and is good for displaying if you have any hair care products available. The display increases sales, and a good interior offers comfort to the clients. Thus, the aesthetics of a place plays an important part in increasing profits.  

Keeps The Clients Comfortable 


Designing the salon also means keeping the comfort of clients in mind. When furnishing your space, you need to ensure that the furniture you buy for your customers is comfortable. Further, you should also invest in types of equipment that are strong and long-lasting. 

Things To Think About Before Designing Your Space


Before you start designing your salon, there are certain things you should think about. 



When adding mirrors to your space, you need to pay close attention to how it looks. If you add a huge single mirror on one wall, then it will make your salon appear smaller. A single mirror can interrupt the privacy of your customers as they won't be able to concentrate in one place. Their attention will always shift to the other person. 

However, if you choose to install multiple mirrors, it will provide your customers the privacy they want. Further, it will also make the space look bigger and more spacious. 



Lighting in a place is important. If you don't have enough light in your salon, it can cause problems while working. You should add lights that are not too bright to hurt your eyes and too low that you won't be able to see things. Your customers should be able to look at themselves clearly without any problems. Additionally, if you have windows, you should make full use of them. It lets the daylight in, keeping the place clean and bright.  



The sign or logo of your salon is an important thing. Everybody knows how a logo is an important part of any business. So, when planning out your salon design, don't forget about the logo when planning your salon design. Your logo should be striking enough that it catches people's attention immediately. Other than putting the logo in front of your salon, you should also add it on the inside. You can place the logo on a wall that is the most visible, like your reception area. 

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One Design Scheme


If your overall design does not fit well together, it will look messy to all your customers. You should select one design scheme for the whole space to maintain consistency and make the space look clean and organized. For example, you can choose a color theme for your whole space and make the whole design around it. 

Make Sure To Have A Waiting Space


A waiting area is also very important in any salon. It is especially beneficial for times when you have a lot of customers. If your customers don't get a place to sit, they leave the salon and go to another place.  

It also helps when your customers bring a companion along. It keeps the main area free, and the companions can sit in the waiting area till the work is done. So, to stop your clients from leaving and providing enough space for everybody, you need a waiting room in your salon. 

Some Interior Design Ideas

Whatever your inspiration is for your salon, here are some ideas to help you make your dreams a reality. 

The Classic Black & White 


Nothing works better than black and white interiors if you want to give your salon a sleek and contemporary look. To add a polished finish, you can choose stainless steel furniture to combine the whole interior. And to keep your equipment, you can add floating shelves and maybe a pop of color here and there to add a little twist to the contemporary look.  

A Single Bright Wall


You can add an accent wall to your interior design. For instance, you can add any bright color to your walls, like Fuschia or red, and paint other walls in a cool shade like grey to add a fun contrast to the whole room. You can also add mirrors with Led lights to add brightness to the whole room. Finally, you can add solid-colored chairs, such as shades of grey or black. And now you have your very own modern-looking salon. You can add a statement clock on the wall as a fun little element.    

A Touch Of Texture  


If you are aiming for a little old-fashioned touch for your salon, you can add textured walls. A wall in warm colors like cream, beige, or light yellow is perfect to create a comfortable atmosphere. You can add black colored stainless steel chairs to add a contrasting effect. And you can keep all the other aspects of the salon simple. Furthermore, you can add wooden flooring or tiles to tie up all parts of the salon together. 

Multiple Mirrors 


As we said, a mirror can make your space look small or big. So, to give the illusion of extra space, add multiple mirrors to your salon. You can use LED mirrors if you wish, but that is not necessary. However, if you are using mirrors with ivory borders or golden LED light mirrors, try to use them with warm color interiors. And if your mirror has silver borders, try to pair it with stainless steel salon accessories only. A mirror reflects the light from the ceiling and makes the place appear brighter and roomier. 

Stained Glass Windows 

If you wish to create something aesthetically pleasing, you can add wooden cabinets with rich wood-colored or dark marble or a tiled floor. You can choose any stained windows, but try to go for simpler or minimalistic ones as they will look better. You can add small pendant light to illuminate the place. If you add dark marble tiles, then the tiles will reflect the lights hanging above, making the place look like a dream. 

Different Metals And Wood 


To create a rustic yet modern atmosphere, you can make wood and metal accessories in your salon the highlight. Imagine white walls with wooden flooring and oval mirrors on the wall. This minimalistic yet modern design is extremely pleasing to the eyes and gives the place a peaceful effect. You can add stainless steel chairs in shades of tan to complete the whole look. 

A Pop Of Colorful Accessory 


In this style, you can keep the color of your walls and flooring a neutral shade of black and white or grey. But the main element of this style is the accessories of your salon, like the chairs. You can use a single-color chair in the salon, or you can choose two colors and alternate them to create a fascinating interior space. For instance, you can have a red chair in the whole salon. Or you can choose red and green colored chairs and place them one after the other. 8

Plants For Freshness 


While designing the salon interiors, you can add plants to the whole thing because who doesn't love greenery? Plants add beautiful green color to the interiors and will also keep the salon looking fresh. You can add pendants to the interiors with a white, black, and wood-brown color theme. It offers a minimalistic feel and will create a relaxing ambiance for your clients. 

Brick Walls For A Rustic Vibe 


Instead of a bright wall, you can add a single brick wall to your designs. It makes the place look raw and rustic chic. You can add yellow light pendant lights for a complete effect. And solid brown, black, or grey leather stainless steel chairs. Wooden side tables and large mirrors will complete the look. 

Add Fascinating Light Fixtures  


To draw the attention of the customers, you can invest in some beautiful light fixtures, like light pendants or small chandeliers. The brick wall and glass partition offer an earthy touch, and the wooden surface helps make a place feel relaxing. If you wish, you can add a pop of color with plants or accessories, like the entrance gate. 

Increase The Space Using Mirrors 


A textured grey-colored wall with grey tile for the floor creates a sleek look. You can add grey-colored chairs in the mix and mirrors with textured wooden borders for a complete look. And yellow lights give the place a warm feel.  

A Floral Wall For A Feminine Touch 


You can also create space with all wooden features and colors for a modern and chic look. Make a floral wallpaper paper wall on one side. And keep all the other walls plain. You can use light beige and ivory colors for other walls. For accessories, you can add comfortable and cushioned wooden chairs. And also, you can include wooden partition walls and long mirrors to complete the interiors. 

Neon Colors Are The Trend 


If the interiors of your salon feature shades of white and grey for walls, you can add neon-colored chairs. Neon colors will make the place pop in an instant and bring life to the space. Wooden flooring and light colors give this salon a sophisticated appeal. And a pop of bright neon color will stand out in such a place and won't make the place look tacky. White lights on the ceiling will illuminate the space superbly and reflect on stainless steel chairs and mirrors. 


Designing a low budget beauty salon interior design is possible. These tips can help you make your salon look like it came out of a catalog. These are some of the basics and tips you can use will designing your salon. A good-looking space can increase your value in the market and also promote your brand. 

However, if you still are not sure about how you can design your salon, you can take help from professional interior designers. At Edit Design Luxe, we have interior designers who have extensive years of experience in this field. We can assist you in creating the finest space that will make both you and your customers feel good. To know more about our interior designing services and how we can help redecorate your space, call us at 805-296-6167.