Instagram-Worthy Pool Furniture Pieces To Remodel Your Outdoors

Sep 21, 2022

Instagram-Worthy Pool Furniture Pieces To Remodel Your Outdoors

A backyard pool area is ideal for sitting and spending quality time with friends and family. It is where you create some of your most beautiful moments with your loved ones. And by adding comfortable and beautiful-looking pool furniture, you can add to the place's aesthetic. Choosing the perfect furniture for your outdoors is an important thing. Different types of furniture pieces will help set different types of vibes.  

When you are decorating the area around your pool, you need to keep in mind the requirements. For instance, when designing a garden space, you can choose regular but weather-resistant material. However, when decorating your poolside, you have to buy furniture that doesn't get damaged due to water and moisture and is also weather safe. 

The backyard is generally the center of attraction for most people. So, you want to ensure that the furniture you buy is sturdy and complements your space. Thus, to help you, we have made a list of some of our favorite outdoor pool furniture. 

Relax By The Poolside 

When planning your outdoor pool area, your priority should be comfort. And nothing provides comfort better than a lounge chair. This piece of pool furniture is perfect for relaxing after taking a dip. When searching for these, ensure that the product can withstand water and is comfortable to lounge on. You can read, rest or let your skin soak in the sun on these chairs. Now, all you got to do is lean back and relax on these chairs. Some lounge chair options. 

Miami Beach Chaise Lounge Set 


The Miami Beach Outdoor Living Swimming Pool Villa Rattan Chaise set is ideal for keeping near the pool area. Rattan is a strong and durable material making it perfect for outdoor furnishing. Moreover, this material is also very flexible and environmentally friendly. The set features two lounge chaises and a side table and is available in different colors. You can also choose from Khaki-1, Khaki-2, black, gray, white, and blue colors, as per your preference. These universal colors will look sleek and beautiful in your pool area. 

Palasides Outdoor Living Leaf Woven Pope Poolside Chaise Lounge


The lounge chair's unique leaf design will enhance your poolside look. The leaf design makes it easy to clean and maintain. Also, the chair is flexible, UV-resistant, and waterproof. The structure of the lounge chair is made using rattan and metal frame that gives it a sleek look. Additionally, it is available in two different sizes and colors, so you can pick the one that suits you the most.

The Hangout Spot

Whether you are sitting and talking with your friends or having an outdoor party, a sitting area is a must. Choose an outdoor sitting set that is comfortable and perfect for many people. You should pick the material that stays safe from sun damage and water and is quick-dry. Also, you can add a pop of color to your outdoor area with cushions and pillows. Furthermore, selecting fabrics that do not fade easily is important, so you don't have to keep changing your furniture. Here are some outdoor pool furniture sets

Palasides Outdoor Living Rattan Set


If you want to buy perfect and luxurious outdoor pool furniture, then this Palasides set is for you. The set is made using an aluminum frame and PE rattan to make the structure steady and ideal for the outside area. The set also has a fast-drying sponge, so you don't have to worry about it getting soaked. Furthermore, the cushions of this set are also waterproof and are made from imported fabrics. It means that the colors of this fabric don't fade away fast in harsh weather conditions. You can customize your sofa in any color and size available on the website.   

Belvedere Outdoor Living Aluminum Braided Rope Series


The belvedere set complements any place and theme. So, if you are confused about what kind of pool furniture will suit your space, this set is perfect for you. The aluminum braided rope set features one wood coffee table, a lounge chair, one ottoman, one coffee table, a three-seat sofa, a two-seater sofa, and a chair. The grey cushions in this suit are comfortable and UV resistant. You can select any size from this set to make a perfect sitting set for your outdoor space. 

Miami Beach Teak Wood Outdoor Living Set In White


The Miami Beach outdoor furniture set is a relaxing white color set. The set is made using high-quality teak wood that is perfect for outdoor weather conditions. The fabric used in this set is also waterproof and complements any space. You can choose from various sizes available on the website, such as a three-seater wooden sofa, a two-seater, a single chair, a side table, and a coffee table. The set is highly comfortable and crafted precisely to give you all the luxurious feels. It also has armrests and cushions for much-required comfort. 

Dining By The Pool

You can create a perfect dining area by your poolside with an outdoor dining furniture set. Pick an outdoor dining table with enough space and complementing chairs to make a perfect place for you and your loved ones to sit and have a relaxing time. You can host a brunch or dinner party at this place, instantly setting up the perfect vibe. You can add a canopy to your dining area to give the space a more aesthetic look. It will also provide you shade and protect your furniture as well. A few outdoor dining set ideas. 

Malibu Outdoor Living Weave Chair Set


The Malibu outdoor living weave chair set is unique and ideal for your outdoor area. This set goes with every theme and is durable. You can keep it on the side of your pool and enjoy the cold breeze. Above all, the set is comfortable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The set contains:

  • Chairs.
  • Wood Top Table.
  • A table.
  • Wood Top Side Table.
  • Round Top Wood Table.
  • A Solid Top Dining Table.
  • Square Top Wood Table.
  • Solid Top Side Table.

Moreover, it is available in four colors, grey, dark grey, beige, and black, for you to choose from. You can select the color and size of your dining set according to your choice.  

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Miami Beach Outdoor Living Teak Wood Set


The Miami Beach Dining furniture Set is UV resistant and won't get damaged due to strong sunlight or rain. Teak wood is very strong, and the whole structure of this set is made using high-quality teak wood. You can also choose between the two available finishing choices: medium and light finish. In this set, you get two different types of chairs and a rectangular-shaped table. 

The Keys Outdoor Living Teak Wood Table Dining Set


The teak wood pool furniture is lightweight and made from aluminum and high-quality teak wood. The aluminum in this set is non-perishable and hard, while the wood is textured and durable. The cushions in this set are filled with high-density foam to offer your comfort. The fabrics of these cushions are waterproof, stain-proof, and UV resistant, which avoids color fade. The rope in this design is made from polyethylenes that can endure harsh weather. You can choose between three dining table sizes: small, medium, and large. It is a minimalistic and aesthetic outdoor furniture set. 

Chill By The Pool 

After spending your day in the pool swimming and floating, you need time to relax. And what is better than a spot with a canopy and chairs by the pool? Sitting by the pool and getting a fresh breeze feels amazing. The chairs and a canopy only take up a small space, and you can still set up your other furniture around the pool wherever you like. So, this additional space is perfect if you want to make a cozy small area away from the whole setup. Check out the perfect chair options for this idea. 

The Keys Outdoor Living Braided Rope Series


The chairs are made using ethnic pattern weaves and give a sleek and contemporary vibe. Besides, the chairs are specially designed so you can enjoy your relaxed outdoor atmosphere while being comfortable. With these chairs, you don't even have to worry about maintenance. You can set these chairs up near your pool, backyard, or patio. The set includes a stool, a side table, a coffee table, a lounge chair, and a three-seater bench. Furthermore, if you want a minimalist look, you can choose black and tan shades. And if you want to add a little more funk, you can opt for yellow and blue color chairs. 

Miami Life Teak Wood Outdoor Living Set


The Miami life teak wood set offers functionality and strength. The structure of this set is made using top-quality teak wood and is covered in white/grey fabric. You can keep the chairs by your swimming pool and relax with the feel of the soft, plush fabric on your skin. The set features an ottoman, a corner chair, a side table, a chair, a side drink table, a coffee table, a two-seat sofa, a teak wood side table, and a chair without an arm. You can create your custom set and add it to your poolside.   

A Cozy Bed For Relaxation

An outdoor bed by the pool will keep you comfortable and cool. It is ideal for stretching out and lounging around after a long swim. These beds are made using durable furniture and are available in a number of durable materials that can fight against weather damage. For something extra, you can also add an adjustable canopy to provide you shade. You can adjust it according to how much shade you want. A day bed is luxurious and comfortable combined in one. 

Malibu Outdoor Living Rope Weave Sunbed


The Malibu outdoor sunbed will look amazing by your poolside. The sunbed has a woven design that makes it look aesthetic and luxurious. Additionally, it is also available in two colors: beige and gray. The structure of the bed is made with top-notch aluminum that offers durability. Furthermore, the fabric used in this bed is UV resistant, which keeps your bed from losing its color. 

Pool Essentials  

Sun beds will add a perfectly luxurious feel to your backyard. You can make a statement with these sunbeds in or near your pool area. The sun beds are long-lasting and made from material that does not get damaged by water or sun. These sunbeds will add to the appeal of your space. 

Las Olas Outdoor Living Rattan Sun Bed


If you are searching for outdoor pool furniture that you can use for sunbathing and relaxing, then this sunbed is the one. The Las Olas Outdoor Sunbed is made using rattan, a durable and strong material. These sunbeds will add to your pool area's aesthetic appeal and luxury of your pool area. This piece of furniture is available in two colors: beige and black. So, choose the one that complements your surroundings the most. Either way, you cannot go wrong with this sunbed. 

Ledge Sun Chaise


The sun chaise is made from polyethylene to resist high temperatures. You can keep this chaise by your poolside or inside of your pool. You can sit and absorb the sun on this chaise and let the relaxation take over. It is easy to maintain this product and keep it around for a long time. Also, this chaise is available in different colors, such as pink, green, orange, white, yellow, and blue. So, whether you wish to add color or keep it minimalistic, this sun chaise can help you do both. 

S-Shaped Sun Chaise


The S-shaped sun bed is comfortable and extremely relaxing. This lounger is designed to fit in your contemporary outdoor area. It is made from low-density polyethylene for sturdiness. Also, it has padded cushions to provide you with ultimate comfort. It can also stand against high temperatures and resist UV rays. You can customize the size and colors of your sun chaise as per your requirements. 


If you want to enhance your poolside area by adding some furniture, then these pieces by Edit Design luxe are the ideal choices. The pool furniture pieces on our website are made to give you all the luxurious eels with stability and comfort. It is a good idea to accessorize your poolside with high-quality furniture so that everybody can enjoy it for years to come. These accessories will make your poolside area comfy and perfect for lounging around.



What pool furniture do I need?

The type of pool furniture you need for your space depends on how much space you have. If you do not have much space, you can use a dining table or a sofa for lounging, eating, talking, and eating with your loved ones. At Edit Design Luxe, you can customize your sofa or chair sitting size according to how much space you have around your pool. 

How do you set up your furniture around a pool?

If you have a pool in your house, there are high chances that people would like to spend their time around it. Not just because it is beautiful but because it is also relaxing and can create a vibe like no other. So, whenever you set up your furniture, always ensure it is facing the pool. Also, you can add your dining table a little further from the pool to avoid water splashes on food and eat in a more peaceful area.