Top 5 Modern Metal Art Sculpture For Home Decors To Buy in 2022

Sep 16, 2022

Top 5 Modern Metal Art Sculpture For Home Decors To Buy in 2022

Don't you get amazed by beautiful masterpieces in restaurants or the workplace? If yes, then you be thinking of buying a great piece for your home or office. But, what actually are these pieces? Well, the answer would be modern metal art sculpture.

Metal art sculptures have been around for centuries, and their traces are found everywhere around the globe. These are exquisite structures made with metal as their primary material. Also, they are made in many shapes and sizes to express a broad range of aesthetic genres and styles. 

The sculptures are highly valued for their designs and craftsmanship. They are the most elegant and enduring showpieces to decorate. Metal sculptures can be traditional or modern. Traditional sculptures emphasize artistic modeling, hidden material, and body aesthetics, whereas contemporary/modern structures focus on material and creative language. 

How Do You Incorporate Modern Metal Art Sculpture Into A Place?

A modern metal sculpture can bring new energy and positivity to your space. It can tell a tale, evoke an emotion, or simply amaze a viewer. Also, it can give a complete transformation to your area. 

No matter whether you are styling an office, home, garden, etc., incorporating decorative modern art sculptures will be a good choice. Below are some ideas to elevate your space with style using modern sculptures.

The Style

Modern art is known for its unique and creative designs. When choosing a perfect sculpture, make sure it has a modern look. Thus, it can add modernity to your space. 

Space & Size Requirements

While deciding the type of sculpture, consider the shape and size of your home. If you have ample space, look for a unique single and large piece. If the area is less, then choose small sculptures. 

Holding A Meaning

Select the metal sculpture art that has meaning to you. It means something that genuinely inspires you. It can be related to passion or style that talks about your personality. You can look for various meanings behind any design or symbol. 

Bring Contrast

Style is all about experiments. Try to choose a mix of classic and modern pieces to give contrast to your space and bring a more personal feel. For example, an abstract metal sculpture styled with traditional arts like geomatic sculptures or marble busts. 

Colors That Speak

Choosing the right color for the wall according to the sculpture is also important. The most modern interior design uses while as a perfect backdrop for sculptures. Each color expresses a different meaning and emotion. For example, blue represents a sense of calmness; red represents passion. You must choose the paint that matches the style and purpose of the sculpture. 

Best Metal Art Sculptures By Edit Design Luxe

Below are some of the famous and highly-liked metal sculpture arts designed by the Edit Design Luxe. 

Black Marble Mounted Disc

The Black Marble Mounted Disc is a statement accessory made with black marble and metal base tabletop. Its disc is designed with varying diameters and a circular middle opening. Further, the complete piece symbolizes the infinite Celestial Universe. The hole in the middle represents a way to eternal life. 

It also brings wealth, happiness, and protection against injuries and diseases. This modern and minimalist piece of art remarkably enhances the look of any space. Apart from the decor, it is also ideal for gifting purposes. 

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Basics Features: 

  • Product Name: Black Round Marble Statue with Metal Base Tabletop Home Decoration
  • Product Type: Sculpture
  • Material: Stone
  • Technique: Carved
  • Style: Nordic Style
  • Theme: Decoration
  • Regional Feature: Europe
  • Brand Name: Shine D
  • Type: Marble + Metal
  • Use: Home Decoration
  • Carving Type: Through-Carved
  • Place of Origin: Fujian, China
  • Model Number: CF2180192-K65
  • Feature: Handmade
  • Color: Pictures Showing
  • Shipping/Freight Tax: EXTRA
  • Size: 7.87’’ W * 3.93’’ D * 11.02” H ( 20w* 10d* 28h cm),

          11.81’’ W * 3.93’’ D * 17.12’’ H (30w*10d* 43.5h cm)

Contemporary Abstract Art Couple


This Contemporary Abstract Art Couple sculpture expresses love for two people and human devotion. It is a perfect gifting option for home decor and to express your feelings that are pure and genuine. It can be ideal for weddings, anniversaries, or valentine's day. 

You can decorate this modern-looking, abstract, and highly styled art in your bedroom, office, living room, etc. It will surely catch the viewers' attention and flourish you with compliments. 

Basic Features: 

  • Name: Modern Abstract Art Couple
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Material Type: Metal Iron
  • Shipping/Freight Tax: EXTRA

Artificial Matte Black Iron Sculpture


The abstract style and rich-design Artificial Matte Black Iron Sculpture are perfect for decorating the home or office areas. Its fantastic matte finish and laser-cut will surely lure the visitor. This unique piece adds more class, charm, and a modern look to the area. It completely transforms your space, giving it a more elegant, modern, and artistic atmosphere. You can place it in your study room, bedroom, living room, or office. 

Basic Features: 

  • Name: Metal art decoration
  • Material: IRON
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Base Material: Marble
  • Product code: TL-201901KDW
  • Package standard: Carton plus Wooden Shelf
  • Unit package cbm(m3): 0.01
  • Net weight(kg):13.2
  • Size: 250*200*1050
  • Shipping/Freight Tax: EXTRA

Modern Metal Sculptures With Wavy Lines

Decorate your space with Modern Metal Sculptures With Wavy Lines, a complete masterpiece. A handmade sculpture with modern laser-cut waves. The sculpture can give a captivating look to any place. 

The shiny gold finish with a contract black color base adds charm to the entire sculpture. The wavy lines perfectly match the modern lifestyle of the people and cast beautiful shadows when kept under the light. Also, this unique and modernized piece of metal art sculpture looks different from different angles. 

Basic Features: 

  • "W.X" D.X" H. 
  • Shipping/Freight Tax: EXTRA

Modern Polished Stainless Steel Shredded Violin Sculpture


The modern polished stainless steel shredded violin sculpture is a modern style piece to enhance any corners or your space. Steel sculptures are the best for their high-temperature and corrosion resistance features. It is a perfect option for decorating shopping malls, outdoor gardens, hotels, etc. 

If you are into music, this sculpture would be a perfect addition to your practice rooms and living area. The sculpture is also the best for New Year gifting, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

Basic Features: 

  • Technique: Laser Cutting\Welding\Polished
  • Use: Art & Collectible
  • Theme: Decorative Sculpture
  • Size: 21.65" W. X 11.81" D. X 31.49" H
  • Shipping/Freight Tax: EXTRA


A Modern metal art sculpture can instantly elevate the vibe of a place and can suit any theme. No matter if you are going for a minimalistic look or an over-the-top approach, Edit Design Luxe has a wide range of art sculptures that can fulfill your purpose. 

If you want to revamp the structure and appearance of your space, then you can visit our online store to buy sturdy and stylish furniture, art, accessories, and lighting pieces. Also, if you need help redecorating your place, you can avail of our Interior design consultation services as well. To know more, write us at or call us at 805-296-6167.


Q1- What is metal art sculpture?

Ans– It is an artistic form of decor item made from various types of metal material. Metal crafts created from many metal alloys like aluminum are common. It ranges from solid-cast statuettes to massive steel public monuments. The designs are made on a plain surface or free-standing objects. 

Q2- What are the qualities of the metal that make it useful for sculpture?

Ans- The metal provides artistic strength being malleable in nature. Some metals are softer, enabling the artisans to provide the ability to give a proper shape and size using tools. 

Q3- What is the importance of modern sculpture art in today's world?

Ans- Being a decorative item is also something that expresses a person's personality, taste, passion, etc. It has a diverse use in the expression of culture, politics, religion, and many more.