Douglas Boggs has over 25 Years experience completing Design Projects Nationally and Internationally. His style ranges from Classic Traditional Interiors to Clean Contemporary. His knowledge of Architecture and Construction aids him in all of his Projects. His knowledge and love for the Arts shows in his Designs.

How my Love for History, Architecture, Art and Interior Design Developed

My parents loved the country. They owned three Kentucky Farms. I divided my time there and in Chicago. I love Chicago. It was exciting and alive. The Architecture was amazing. At six years old I remember driving down Lake Shore Drive and Michigan Ave. lying down and looking up so I could gaze at the high-rises. I was absolutely amazed at their height and ability to stand so grand without falling over. I was obsessed on how they were built. Those glass towers crowded together and complimenting each other. Chicago's Skyline is breathtaking. My older sister was aware of my infatuation with Architecture and History. Ancient History.

Before I was of School Age I would go through her World History Books and marvel at the photos of those beautiful unbelievable Structures of Ancient Times. The Pyramids. The sphinx. The Pantheon in Rome. My sisters taught me Arithmetic. The Alphabets but I still wasn't able to read through their History Books. I wanted to know about the Cultures that created such marvelous structures. What happened to the people who built them. What happened to their Culture. What was the reason so many cities like Persepolis had been abandoned.

My sister took me to the museums in Chicago to show me the fragments of those lost civilizations. The Sumerians, The Assyrians. Their magnificent Cultures.

My sisters loved old movies. Classic movies with the Traditional Grand Sets. I didn't care for the movies. I was completely taken in my the sets. Especially...well what I would consider today...very grand ostentatious over the top interiors. The fabrics, art work everything. That sparked the Interior Designer in me. I wanted to create interiors with grand Architecture.

My sister would take me through Oak Park to look at the Frank Lloyd Wright homes. I loved his clean lines.

In Kentucky the farms my parents owned had many ponds, rivers and streams running through them. I tried to build structures on my scale but they didn't stand. So instead I built model cities along the waterways. Model cities with roads weeds for trees and connecting suburbs. I was around nine years old at the time. I named each city. It took my mind to different places around the world. I loved it.

I even built a pyramid with a sphinx made of clay along a stream my dad had drenched. The clay was pure and clean and I could mold it to create structures.

After highschool I landed a job with a construction company in Chicago. My family was in the construction business. I worked with the steel guys building the foundations for those buildings that amazed me. I began to see how those towers stood. I was building them. At the end of the summer I was tanned and toned from carrying steel to the steel guys. I loved running across the beams high up above everything.

While attending classes at University of Chicago I worked summer breaks building houses. I began to understand how residential structures were put together.

After school I moved to San Francisco. I was determined to get a position with a designer I had followed who was published quite often in Architectural Digest. After several meetings my first design position was with one of the most influential Designers at that time with an amazing client list.

After that I became Lead Designer with another Designer who had an equally amazing client list. We did projects in Tokyo, Jarkata and all over the U.S. He gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted. He was a very kind man.

I've been very fortunate to work side by side with such creative people. Life is about Art.