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Those days are long gone when you could only appreciate sculptures from a distance. We only usually see sculptures in museums or rich people’s homes. Now you can add these pieces of art to your home and make it look aesthetic and mesmerizing. At Edit Design Luxe, we have a range of marble statues and sculptures that you can add to your interiors. 

A well-designed home reflects your personality and style. And a marble or bronze sculpture can help make a strong style statement. Find the perfect statue from various modern, greek, or classic statues with Edit Design Luxe and add a twist to your contemporary home design. 

Ancient Greek Sculptures

At Edit Design Luxe, you will find famous marble statues. We have a vast range of ancient Greek statues inspired by 19th-century, 18th-century, and 4th-century Greek people. Not only do these statues carry history, but they are carved very smoothly on a dull-colored stone and stand on vertical bases. The base of these sculptures is made using smooth, shiny, and black texture material to give a nice contrast to the whole statue.

Some of the sculptures are made using two different types of marble, giving them a unique-looking feature. All our sculptures are carved by skilled craftsmen. Thus, every product is made with precision and will complement the aesthetics of your space. We feature some of the most famous marble statues in our collection. 

Bronze Sculpture

The bronze sculptures at our store are made in the hands of highly skilled craftsmen. The statues represent people from neo-classical times and Greek culture. All the statues are built on top of a stand of wood to offer a nice color contrast. The statues are made using high-quality bronze metal. The sculptures are fit to be kept in a museum, antique store, or even a house.

Marble Portrait  

If you want to add a marble portrait to your collection or showcase it in your home design, then we have Greco-roman and ancient roman portraits. These portraits are sculpted with care and are extremely detailed. The base of our portraits includes a smooth and shiny texture. Our marble portrait will perfectly fit in with the rest of your home decor. 


Ancient-looking marbleized metal caryatids can add a luxurious feel to any space. They are elegant and sophisticated and can add richness to your home appearance. Adding a chic factor to your home, like caryatids, will change your interior game. As these never go out of style, you can keep them around for as long as you want. Our caryatids are inspired by 19th-century men. They are made using metal with a hint of rustic yellow to give them an antique look. The figures are very detailed. The caryatids feature corinthian elements and more such elements. Thus, our metal caryatids are perfect for your home if you love Greek statues. 

At Edit Design Luxe, we have everything fabulous, ranging from marble portrait to bronze and marble sculptures. So if you need something that will make your home look richer and more attractive, our various products can help you do just that with the bare minimum effort.

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