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Just like in the fashion industry, interior home designs change rapidly. And to be at the top of the game, you need something modern, stylish, and timeless. Chandeliers and pendants are perfect examples of timelessness and elegance. These large light fixtures in your home will work as a statement piece that will catch everyone’s attention no matter what. They can also fill up large empty spaces in your homes effortlessly. Both chandeliers and LED pendant lights are able to add a feel of luxury to your home.  

Adding a statement lighting fixture will highlight your home interiors even more. At Edit Design Luxe, you can pick a modern chandelier and pendant from a huge range of options. With us, you can easily pick a chandelier or pendant based on your space’s requirements and the style of your home. For instance, adding a chandelier to your living room or your home’s entrance will impress everybody. Also, a modern pendant lighting installation in your kitchen will look perfect. One product adds a luxurious feel to the space, while the other adds modern elegance.  

Lighting Fixtures To Find With Us

We have various types of lighting products that are ideal for enhancing your home’s overall appeal. These lighting fixtures also serve different purposes for your home. Like a chandelier can illuminate a big area like the hallway or living room, and the pendants provide light to a limited section like the kitchen and study room. Check out the best lighting fixtures that you can shop with us:


A chandelier is a kind of lighting fixture that can turn your simple place into a stunning area instantly. These fixtures are not restricted to your living room. You can use them anywhere in your home, and they will look extraordinary. 

With us, you can customize the design of your chandeliers and ensure they complement your home’s appeal perfectly. If you wish to change the material, finish, or design of a particular chandelier, we will do that for you. Also, our chandelier light fixtures create a perfect balance between contemporary and vintage styles.     


A crystal pendant light is a perfect companion to spaces with limited light requirements. With us, choose a crystal pendant light from multi-light, drum shade, and more. 

Linear Pendant

Linear pendants are classy and modern. These types of pendants have a single tube and are perfect for installing above your kitchen island, bar, or dinner table. Our linear pendants do not require much maintenance and have LED lights. Furthermore, it does not create any kind of extra heat. 

Multiple-Light Pendants

The multiple light pendants have several light sources. These types of pendants are modern and stylish. Furthermore, they do not require extra maintenance. You can hang them from your ceilings above your kitchen counter, meeting room, or master bedroom. These are perfect for catching attention to a certain place and create no additional heat. 

Single Light Pendant

A single pendant with LED light will look perfect in residential and commercial spaces. These are minimalistic, modern, and stylish. Also, our single-light pendants are available in different light colors: warm, neutral, and white. Additionally, the material of all our pendants is high quality. The single-light pendant is available in three colors: brown, gold, and black. 

Floor Lamps

We also have floor lamps that you can place in your living room or your lobby. The metals used in our floor lamp are silicone, meta, and aluminum. 

Our sturdy and unique light fixtures are perfect for elevating your home’s interior. So get the one that suits your preferences and change the look of your home with Edit Design Luxe.

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