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Luxe Velvet Modern Miami Living Sofa



  • Product Name: Luxe Velvet Modern Miami Living Sofa?
  • Material: Velvet
  • Capacity: 3 – Seater?
  • Size: 95.27? L. X 45.66?/33.85? D. 78 X 33.85? H.
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The Luxe Velvet Modern Miami Living Sofa is a comfortable and eye-catching masterpiece of furniture available in different colors. It is ideal for catalyzing the beauty of your living spaces, bedroom, dining hall, cafe, lounge, office spaces, and galleries. It has a unique look and sassy charm that is unavoidable for beholders. This statement piece of furniture is the ultimate personification of luxury, comfort, and style. It has velvet layerings that provide a delicate texture and metal chrome gold feet for strong and heavy-duty support.

The product is made up of 30 years of solid wood frame imported from Russia that adds ultimate strength and durability to the utility. The foam used in the product is of invincible quality, perfectly comfortable, and supportive. With Curved arm sets, a single sloping egg-shaped back seat gives a feel of sitting in the lap of nature. In addition, it features enduring hardware with a life span of 10 years that is manufactured to sustain the longevity and utility of the product. Luxe Velvet Modern Miami Living Sofa is perfect for adding extra cheer to your leisurely and languid hours.

Choose a Velvet Color and Fabric

MJ11-1, MJ11-10, MJ11-11, MJ11-12, MJ11-13, MJ11-14, MJ11-15, MJ11-16, MJ11-17, MJ11-18, MJ11-2, MJ11-3, MJ11-4, MJ11-5, MJ11-56, MJ11-57, MJ11-58, MJ11-59, MJ11-6, MJ11-60, MJ11-61, MJ11-62, MJ11-63, MJ11-64, MJ11-65, MJ11-66, MJ11-67, MJ11-68, MJ11-69, MJ11-7, MJ11-70, MJ11-71, MJ11-72, MJ11-73, MJ11-8, MJ11-9


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