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The Keys Outdoor Living Teak Wood Table Dining Set



Where is your dining area? Is it near the kitchen or outside? Are you planning to move it outside? If yes, this Keys Outdoor Living Teak Wood Table Dining Set with cushions is perfect for your outside dining place. The set uses hard, non-perishable, and light-weighted Aluminium in addition to the high-quality imported textured teak wood. The cushions have high-density foam with stain-proof, waterproof, and UV-resistant fabric that does not fade. The rope of this set are high-density polyethylenes with high weather endurance and UV-resistant feature So, place an order to buy this outdoor environment-friendly dining set.

  • Dining Chair: 23.22? W. X 22.83? W. X 28.34? H.
  • Dining Chair Price: $756.00 Each plus Shipping/Frt/Taxes

  • Teak Wood Dining Table Sizes:

  • Small: 70.86? L. X 35.43? W. X 29? H
  • Price: $2,550.00? plus Shipping/Frt/Taxes
  • Price: $2,800.00? plus Shipping/Frt/Taxes ??????

  • Large: 118? L. X 35.43? W. X 29? H.
  • Price: $3,000.00? plus Shipping/Frt/Taxes?????

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DINING CHAIR: 23.22?W. X 22.83?W. X 28.34? H, DINING TABLE LARGE: 118?L. X 35.43?W. X 29?H, DINING TABLE MEDIUM: 94.48?L. X 35.43?W. X 29?H.:, DINING TABLE SMALL: 70.86?L. X 35.43?W. X 29?H


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