2839 Pacific Ave. in San Francisco was a 1906 Edwardian which had gone through Several bad renovations. My clients bought the property with expectations of transforming it into a French/Italian Chateau. I spent several weeks in Europe buying and importing period pieces for the house before I designed it. I designed each room around the pieces I found.

The renovation was very extensive and took over four years to complete. The shell of the house was completely removed and the new foundation was engineered and poured to accommodate the massive changes in the structure. Not only was I responsible for the Interiors but the Architecture as well. It was a very challenging project but I come from a family owned construction business in Chicago so large projects are not new to me.

All the moldings were hand crafted. The moldings for the Frieze around the parapet was carved in the basement of my home. And all the moldings for the interior were carved and crafted in my basement as well. The doors, hardware, windows, flooring, cabinets were imported from France. The iron work was customed made by Eric Claussen here in the East Bay. The systems of the house was completely updated with heated floors and electrical system to accommodate the changes. There are two kitchens and one kitchenette. The family kitchen is on the main floor. The kitchen to prep food for parties is on the lower level with a very large wine cellar.

Definitely one of my favorite projects to date. The owner was wonderful and a delight to work with.