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"LUXE" surrounds connected with symmetry, balance, and harmony. With Colors that coordinate seamlessly and furnishings that speak to you. Shapes and forms have an expression, art that complements your personality and soul, or simply an ambiance that exudes style.


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Interior Design & Consultation

Improving your home and its elements should be a fun experience. At Edit Design Luxe, our Interior Design and Consultation Services will help you guide through the process smoothly. Edit Design Luxe recommends starting your next improvement and interior design with a plan. Product Selections Matter When You're Updating Your Home. You've probably been shopping around if you're ready to redesign your kitchen or modernize your furnishings. If so, you understand that there are hundreds of products available—all in different styles, colors, sizes, and prices ranges.


Home Renovation & Consultation

Are you thinking about getting a fancy bath space, a comfortable bedroom, a modern kitchen, or a designer living space? Or are you planning to renovate and enhance every nook and corner of your home to make it look as gorgeous as possible? The most reliable effort you can put when renovating your home is to contact the home renovation and consultants and experts – a team of professional home designers and project managers with an in-depth knowledge of home renovating and long-lasting experience in handling the projects.


CAD Service

Edit Design Luxe offers extraordinary CAD services to its customers. Our CAD services consist of 2D and 3D drafting, conversion, modeling, rendering, etc. From strategizing to executing to finalizing the planned design, our CAD services are flexible and deliver proven results. Edit Design Luxe helps its clients and other firms reduce costs, optimize resources, drive operational efficiencies, and maximize profit margins. Our core motive is to offer excellent CAD services, support, and insight to our customers so that their businesses can propel and prosper. Precision and accuracy underline our CAD services, backed by expert CAD technicians who understand design extensively and architecture and prototyping; we help you generate, annotate and plot complex CAD drawings intricately tailored to your every requirement.



Edit Design Luxe assists you with high-quality rendering services in residential, commercial, and institutional areas. Our high-quality 3D renderings showcase high-quality, detailed, and photorealistic output to prospective clients before the project's actual start. Edit Design Luxe strives to add maximum value to architects, realtors, designers, and developers by equipping them with high-quality renderings at optimum pricing in the least timeframe possible. We help capture our clients' imaginations by providing brilliant rendering services that give a solid understanding of their project's development. At Edit Design Luxe, we help you improve your firm's marketing & boost your sales by envisioning your projects with high-end visualization and rendering. So sit back and relax while we bring your projects to life.

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Edit Design Luxe did a terrific job from the beginning to the end. They can easily work on any project with minimal help to complete project handling and offer a professional and completed project in time.

Jane A.

I loved working with the capable Edit Design Luxe team. They made my home's interior's entire renovation and designing process an amazing experience. I would highly recommend them for all types of renovation services .

Eliza G.

Extremely knowledgeable staff, professional highly designer services. They have some of the best designers and creatives I have ever met in the industry. They made me feel super comfortable. Highly recommended.

Jon K.
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